Wednesday, October 24, 2012

hi, my name is rosy and 2 months ago i found out i was pregnant. Im only 15years old and i am very scared i have no one to turn to and no support i lost all my friends and my parents will kill me if they find out. they always tought i was a perfect child. i cannot have this baby by myself i dont know who the dad is i was raped at a party i was  under the influence ,i didnt want to go to a hospital because i was scared and i didnt want my parents to find out i was at the party but now things turned to the worst. i cry every night i dont know what to do can you please help me? i think i want an abortion ? do you think its a good option or adoption ? please help me im very confused and scared /.\
                                                                                              thank you
this is a fictional health final dont be alarmed!!!! :) Not a True Story.